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Share Socrative quizzes and collaborate with your colleagues.

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Shared Libraries make it even easier for you to share, edit and collaborate on quizzes with your colleagues. Whether you are working alongside a co-teacher, collaborating with a group of colleagues teaching the same subject, or mentoring new educators in your learning community, Shared Libraries let you team up to access, co-create, and share the material you need to engage your learners more deeply - all within Socrative.

Save time searching for questions, collaborate more, and enjoy greater flexibility to customize your assessments when you share quizzes together in one space.

Getting started in three quick steps:

  1. Creating a Shared Library

  2. Adding quizzes to your shared Library

  3. Inviting colleagues to your Shared Library

Table of Contents

Creating a Shared Library

To create a Shared Library, navigate to 'Library' in the top menu. From there, select

'+ Shared Library' on the left-hand side. Once selected, you will be prompted to give your Shared Library a name and then select 'Create Library to create it.

Once created, your new Shared Library will be accessible from the menu on the left-hand side of the Library area, under the 'Shared' listing. As the creator, you are also the owner of the shared library and will be able to invite your colleagues to begin viewing and editing quizzes together, add content, and modify the settings of the library.

Adding content to the Shared Library

Once your Shared Library has been created, bring it to life with the content you want to share and edit with your teaching team.

To add quizzes to your shared library, click on the 'Library' option in the library. In the Library, you will be able to view quizzes that have been added to your Shared Library and any folders you may have created for an extra level of organization.

Selecting 'Add' from within your library allows you to create a 'New Folder' and 'Create Quiz.'

To add an existing quiz from your 'Personal' library, you will need to navigate outside of your Shared Library to your existing quiz and select the "..." on the right-hand side of the quiz. Select 'Copy to' and then select the Shared Library you would like to add the quiz to and select 'Copy to Library.' If you have created Folders in your Shared Library, you will be able to add your quiz directly into a folder.

Adding members to your Shared Library

Once you have created your Shared Library, you can invite others to join your library to access shared quizzes and collaborate on content together.

To invite colleagues, go to 'Members' and then click the 'Invite' option on the right-hand side of the screen. You can choose to invite members as either a viewer or an editor. An invite link will be generated for you to share with invitees depending on the role you choose. Simply copy the invite link and send it. The invite link will allow your colleagues to join your Shared Library.

If you have been invited to join a Shared Library, you can join by clicking on the invite link shared with you or copying it to your browser and selecting 'Join Library' - just like that, you'll be added as a member of that library. If you are not signed in to Socrative, you will be prompted to sign in to your account first.

No longer want to share, or are you having difficulty with the link? No problem! You can always reset the shareable invite link by clicking the arrow or simply turning it off.

Collaborating in your Shared Library

Editing quizzes in Shared Library is simple. Create a new quiz or select an existing quiz added to your shared library that you want to edit. While editing, the quiz will be locked to prevent multiple simultaneous edits from overwriting your progress.

You can edit your questions and answers, add new question types or reorder content, adjust question weights, and modify images and explanations. When you are done editing, simply select 'Save and Exit.'

When quizzes are complete, you can select the '...' beside the quiz to move the classroom-ready quiz between folders or copy it to your personal library.

Launching a quiz created in a Shared Library

When your Shared Library quiz is ready for students, you can just open the 'Launch' menu. Select your Shared Library from the Launch menu to access quizzes and folders from your shared library. Once your quiz is selected, select your delivery method and setting preferences and launch!

Alternatively, you can launch a Shared Library Quiz from the Library page. To do so, click on the ellipsis menu ("...") or right-click on the desired quiz and hit 'Launch'

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