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Rooms and Rostered Rooms (Overview)
Rooms and Rostered Rooms (Overview)

Difference between rooms and rostered rooms

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A room is automatically added when you create your Socrative account; this is your default room. Although you can change the name of this default room, you won’t be able to:

  • Add a roster to it

  • Delete it

  • Exclude it from the menu

You will be able to perform all of the above actions in any additional rooms that you create. If a room does not contain a roster, when a student logs in to a public room, they will need to enter the room name followed by their own name. Teachers can find their room name at the top right hand corner of the app while logged in:

Teachers can share this room name (whether rostered or not) with students so that they can connect to the room and complete any activities launched

Rostered Rooms

Once a roster is added to a room (either manually or by importing a CSV or XLS file), it becomes a private room. Students log into a private room by typing the room name and their student ID (both are provided by the teacher.) Students will see their names in the header of the room.

If you subscribe to the Essentials plan, you can have up to 5 rooms, 4 rostered and one default room. If you subscribe to the Pro plan, you can have up to 30 rooms, 29 rostered and one default room! As such, you’ll also have the ability to run multiple quizzes, polls, exit tickets, or space races at the same time, from each different room.

More Info

For more information on the added features of Socrative Essentials and Pro click the 'Choose your Plan' page within your account.

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