The Pro version of Socrative allows you to create additional rooms. In each room, you can launch a single quiz so if you have multiple rooms, you can have multiple quizzes running at the same time! Just make sure you share the correct room name to your students. 

To start, go to the Rooms header:

  • Click Add Room
  • Enter your room name - only alphanumeric characters are supported and must be unique across all of Socrative
  • Click Add - if the name is not unique, you'll get an error message indicating that the room name is not available

A new public room will be created. If you'd like to make it private, you can create a roster. Use this article to help with creating one manually or by importing a roster.  

Room Limit

You can only have a maximum of 20 rooms (19 additional rooms and 1 default room). If you try to create a new room, you'll see the error message below:

To learn more about rooms, check out this link

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