Once you've created a quiz you can go back into it and make changes. For example, you can add or change questions, answers, and explanations. You can also add or change images.

Keep in mind, you can make changes while a quiz is running, but these changes will not show up to students while the quiz is still running. The changes will show up to students when you finish and re-launch the quiz.

To edit a quiz, go to the Quizzes tab:

Then click on the quiz you'd like to edit. You now have access to all the edit options when you Created the Quiz.

To the right of a question, you can:

  • Click the Pencil icon to edit it

  • The Trash Can to delete it

  • The Up and Down Arrows to move it within the quiz

  • And the Copy Button to copy the question within the quiz.

To add a question between two questions, hover your cursor between the two questions and click Add Question.

You can also add more questions to the quiz as needed.

Once you've finished editing your quiz, click Save and Exit at the top. You can then Launch the Quiz for your students to take it.

Another way you can edit quizzes is by merging 2 quizzes together. Learn more about Merging Quizzes.

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