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Run Multiple Quizzes at the Same Time
Run Multiple Quizzes at the Same Time

How to run more than one quiz at once

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With a paid Socrative account, you are able to have multiple rooms. In each room you are able to have a quiz running at the same time (if you choose!).

How to Run Multiple Quizzes at Once

  1. First click on Rooms and make sure that you have at least 2 rooms already made in your account. If you don't have 2 rooms, you can easily Create Rooms by clicking + Add Room on the right. 

2. Next, click the room name at the top of Socrative and select the first room you want to run the quiz in. 

3. Then click Launch, and click Quiz. You can then set the Delivery Method for the quiz and start it running. This quiz will now be available for students to take in this room.

4. To launch the next quiz, click the room name again and select another room name to switch to this room. You can then start a quiz in this room by repeating the above steps .

FInishing the Quizzes

When the quizzes are complete, make sure to go into each individual room and in the Results section, click Finish. This closes the quizzes to students and creates Reports in the Reports section.  

You can run the same quiz in multiple rooms at the same time if you wish. 

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