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Change rooms to launch a separate quiz or see live results

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With a Paid version of Socrative you can create multiple rooms and have quizzes running separately in each of them. This is handy if you need to run multiple quizzes at the same time!

To start a quiz in a room, or to see the results for a particular room, you'll need to switch over to that room.

To switch rooms, click on the room name in the main header and select the room you want to switch to from the drop-down list.

Want to change the rooms available in this list? Click on Rooms in the header, then check/uncheck the box next to the room name on the left, to add/remove it from the dropdown room name menu.

You can also switch rooms by clicking the room name from the list in the Rooms section. The room you are currently in will appear bolded in black.

If you have an activity running in any of the rooms, the status will show a green icon. If you need to end an activity, you can end the activity from the results page.

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