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Deliver Short Answer Quick Questions
Deliver Short Answer Quick Questions
Use quick questions to receive personalized responses from students
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Quick Questions in Socrative can be used to do a quick check-in with your class. The questions are usually said out loud or written on the board for students.

Short Answer, Quick Questions can be customized to run a quick survey in class.

Keep in mind, only whole class excel reports will be available for this type of activity.

To start a short answer, quick question, go to Launch and click on Short Answer at the bottom section of the app:

You can enter your question (optional) in the text box or simply say the question out loud in class.

  • You can toggle on/off unlimited responses so that students can submit more than one answer

  • Determine whether students require names to join or if you'd like to keep responses anonymous (this is always turned on for rostered rooms)

  • Let students have only one attempt or multiple attempts - if turned on, students who log out and log back in will not be able to participate again

Click Start when you're ready to begin! Any students who are already joined to your room will automatically get the activity. They'll see something like this:

When your students are finished, they click Submit Answer and Live Results are updated on your screen in real-time:

You can hide a response from live results by clicking Remove to the right of the response. Although they will be hidden on the results screen, these responses will still appear in your reports. You can choose to Show/Hide Answers or Show/Hide Names in this page. This can be useful if you're sharing the responses with students by projecting this page in front of the class, for example. You can click Finish once you're done with the activity to gather reports

You can also ask students to vote on answers based on whatever criteria you choose (such as choosing their favourite response) and see the results on your screen in real time. Check out this article to learn more about starting a vote

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