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Socrative Individual Pro Refund Policy
Socrative Individual Pro Refund Policy

How to request a refund for your Socrative Pro individual license

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We’re sad to see you go!

Whether you're switching from Pro to the free version, transitioning to a multi-license account, or retiring, we want to help make this transition easier.

Requesting a refund

Subscribers can request a full refund up to 30 days following their subscription start date. Please note requests for refunds following this 30-day period cannot be fulfilled.

Transitioning from individual Pro to a multi-license subscription

If your administrator purchases licenses for use by individuals at your institution during your subscription term, we will gladly provide you with a prorated refund on your subscription.  

If you would like to request a refund on a recent subscription purchase or renewal, contact Please keep in mind:

  • Your credit card may apply additional fees when exchanging from non-US currency.

  • Refunds will be issued by the payment method used for the billing cycle.

Cancelling an Upcoming Renewal

You can cancel an upcoming renewal through your Socrative Account by navigating to Profile > Account and by toggling Auto Renew off. 

To do so, click your initial in the top right corner and select Profile.

In the Account header, you can adjust auto-renew on this page. Blue means auto-renew is turned on and grey means it's turned off (currently turned on in the screenshot below). 

Turn this off to ensure that you don't automatically get charged on your renewal date!

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